How to make sensory foam for messy play at home

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Foam, beautiful foam. Frothy and bubbly, like a cloud you can touch. It’s fun to play with, and super easy to whip up a batch of sensory foam for messy play at home. All you need is a blender, and a few simple ingredients.

Foam is a wonderful sensory material. Soft, light and bubbly, it’s perfect for families who are just starting to explore messy play because it’s quick to make and easy to clean up. You can whip up this frothy sensory foam in a blender in just a few minutes, and simply wipe away the mess once you’ve finished playing.

This foam is also great for kids who don’t really like to get their hands dirty, because it’s kind of a clean messy play. Let me explain. The foam will engulf your little one’s hands. If your child buries their hands in a tub of foam, they will disappear. They can pick the foam up, swirl it around, pass it from hand to hand, and when they decide they’ve had enough your child can simply wipe the foam away with a towel. Easy-peasy!

Sensory foam is fun to scoop

How is this possible? Because this colourful sensory foam doesn’t cling in the same way that other messy play materials – like slime – do. Slime sticks, foam doesn’t. So, it’s a good middle ground between your outrageous, crazy messy play and your more subdued, understated messy play materials like coloured rice.

We set up our coloured sensory foam on some tea towels, so that spills were quickly soaked up. We also made sure that the flooring could cope with a few little spills, because these are bound to happen when you have excited kids. Finally, we made sure we had a spare towel on hand to wipe down hands as soon as we were finished with the messy play.

To make the most of this sensory messy play activity, you’ll need to play with the foam immediately, as it only lasts about 15 minutes. After this, the foam turns into coloured water (which is also a lot of fun to play with!). So, be ready for the fun to start before your start the blender.

We hope you love our sensory foam recipe as much as we did!

Recipe for sensory foam for messy play


  • ¼ cup dishwashing liquid
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 flat tablespoon cornflour
  • Food colouring (optional)

What to do

  • Place all ingredients in a blender
  • Blend on high for about 5 minutes
  • Pour into a dish
  • Play!

Messy play ideas with foam

  • Have a treasure hunt. Bury treasures in the foam for your children to find.
  • Blow on the foam and watch it fly (perhaps do this outside!)
  • Add a tea set for a foamy afternoon tea
  • Make a foamy car wash by adding sponges and trucks

What’s your child’s favourite way to play with foam?

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