Homemade snow recipe

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Easy homemade snow for sensory play at home this winter

Skip the chill and enjoy all the fun and mess of a snowstorm, with these 2 ingredient recipes to make homemade snow for sensory play.

Snow, wonderful snow. Snowmen, snow fights, snow angels, snowballs. There is something irresistibly appealing about snow. But, while we may pine for a trip to the snow for the fun and memories, I’m not such a fan of taking on the icy, chilly, cold or the twisting mountain roads with a car sick child. Ewww!

Make your own snow at home

But, there’s a solution that let’s your little ones make a fabulous, fun mess without leaving the comfort (and warmth) of home. When you need a snow fix but can’t get to the snow, just grab the mixing bowl and make your own.

I’ll admit it’s not a perfect snow experience. You won’t need thick, insulated gloves to pick up DIY snow. There won’t be a carpet of snow covering the landscape. You can skip the jackets, boots and beanies, and there’s no need for a ski lift. But, make at home snow is not a bad substitute for the real thing. After all, you can mould it and shape it. It’s crinkly and crunchy, and our bicarb version is even a little bit cold. Not bad for something you can whip up in thirty seconds, and the little people in your life will have a lovely sensory experience!

Mixing snow for messy play at home

Simple clean up

Plus, the clean up is pretty easy. I’m not suggesting you let the kids go crazy with wild abandon, but we found our homemade snow brushed off surfaces without too much fuss. This meant that hands could be cleaned up quickly with a cloth (great for children who aren’t thrilled when their hands are covered by sticky gloop). It was also quick to sweep up spills off the floor, which allowed me to relax, not worry too much about the mess and let the kids enjoy the sensory experience.

Only two ingredients

The key ingredient in our snow is shaving foam. We used a generic brand. You can then add either cornflour or bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda as it’s also called) – whichever you have in your pantry. Both give a good result and are fun to play with, although their textures are slightly different. Why not try out both versions and see which one is your favourite!

I really hope you enjoy our homemade snow as much as we did!

Polar bear playing with our homemade snow

Homemade snow with shaving cream and cornflour recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Shaving foam
  • Cornflour

What to do:

  1. Spray shaving foam into a bowl
  2. Slowly stir in cornflour until the mixture comes together. The mixture will be a bit crumbly, but should hold together when squeezed.
  3. Play!

Homemade snow with shaving cream and bicarbonate of soda (also called baking soda) recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Shaving foam
  • Bicarbonate of soda

What to do:

  1. Spray shaving foam into a bowl
  2. Slowly stir in bicarbonate of soda until the mixture comes together. The mixture will be soft, gritty and a little bit cold.
  3. Play!
Getting our ingredients ready to make snow at home

Tips & tricks

  • Use your snow to build a snowman. You can use a small piece of scrap material for a scarf, sultanas for eyes and small pom poms for buttons.
  • Add some animals to your homemade snow to enjoy some imaginative play.
  • The snow is easy to clean up, simply cover your play space and sweep up any spills.
  • If your children don’t like messy hands, keep a cloth nearby so they can wipe their hands clean as they play.
  • As with all sensory play recipes, please keep an eye on your little ones while they play particularly if they like to taste test the materials. Our DIY snow is not designed to be eaten.

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