Little Mess Makers provides messy play opportunities for children aged 1 to 5 years.

What to expect

Our messy play sessions offer a variety of sensory play activities. Each session is themed, with activities tailored to the theme. For example, a session could include squishing in play dough, painting, playing in mud, making flower soup, oozing through freshly made slime, and making shaving cream snow men. It’s very messy, and it’s loads of fun!

But for parents and carers, the best part is that we take care of preparing the messy play activities, and cleaning them up.

We’re for play, and for learning

Little Mess Makers is focused on play. Play that encourages children to experiment, create and discover. Our messy play sessions are unstructured, and child led. This enables children to explore the activities at their own pace, and in their own unique way.

For children play is learning, and each child will approach messy play differently. Some will sit focused on a single activity, while others will race from one station to the next. Yet both will be developing their skills.

Some of the skills messy play supports include: fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, problem solving, self-confidence, and social skills, just to name a few. And all this, while having fun – that’s what messy play is all about.


Classes are available at four locations:

  • Hornsby Heights Community Centre (Galston Road)
  • West Pennant Hills Scout Hall (Wilga Street, West Pennant Hills – off Victoria Road)
  •  The Lake Neighbourhood Centre, The Ponds

Book a class

Children may attend on a casual basis, or purchase a term pass (which enables them to attend all classes at their nominated location). Infants (aged 0 to 12 months) are welcome to attend at no cost when accompanying their older siblings.