30 fun activities to do at home with kids

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Skip the gizmos and gadgets! This is our list of easy, fun activities you can do at home with your kids at home.

The kids are at home. They’ve played with every, single toy. There’s trucks across the loungeroom floor, dolls all over the couch. You’ve had a snack, two snack even, and it’s only 10am. What now?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 30 easy, fun, screen-free activities. Most of these activities require minimal preparation, and can be done using things you probably have stored away in your cupboard or pantry.

Set up a cupcake decorating station
  1. Pitch a tent in your loungeroom or backyard
  2. Make a cubby house underneath the kitchen table
  3. Crank up the music, and have a dance party in your living room
  4. Play hide and seek
  5. Make pizza with homemade dough
  6. Play musical statues
  7. Search the house for items you can make music with, some ideas are pots, wooden spoons, cans and spoons
  8. Bake cupcakes and set up a DIY decorating station
  9. Blow up balloons and draw faces on them
  10. Throw balloons in the air and try not to let them touch the ground
  11. Play hopscotch
  12. Draw on the driveway with chalk
  13. Spin around until your dizzy
  14. Play follow the leader with crazy dance moves
  15. Get outside and play soccer, cricket or tag
  16. Build a play dough castle, and decorate it
  17. Paint on the fence with water
  18. Fill a tub and test whether items around the house float or sink
  19. Trace the outline of items. You could use leaves and flowers from the garden, cutlery, your hands and feet
  20. Make paper aeroplanes and see how far they fly
  21. Grab a roll of butchers paper, spread it across the floor and draw
  22. Read your favourite books
  23. Make a treasure map
  24. Share photos from your childhood
  25. Share your favourite song from your childhood
  26. Make up a story starting with “Once upon a time”
  27. Build a town from wooden blocks, or Lego
  28. Rake together leaves or grass clippings and stomp through them
  29. Get the dress-up box out and put on a play
  30. Draw the blinds and make shadow puppets
Share a book
Build a town with blocks

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