We exist for play!

And we believe play should be messy, slimy , oozy, dirty, gritty and fun!

At Little Mess Makers we inspire children to explore, create and imagine. To build rivers and forts, to host tea parties for queens, to create cities of sand, and brew up witches’ potions in buckets.


Because we believe children need time and space to play. Our goal is to take away the concerns of cleaning up muddy footprints, sandy hands and splattered paint, so parents can say;

“Yes, you can!”

Squish in the mud, play in the sand, paint with your hands and feet.

Explore, Test, Experiment,

And, most of all have fun!

Our Story

Six years ago, before I became a mum, I promised my children would never walk around with stains on their t-shirts and dirt on their faces. But, now that happens everyday.

Because the truth is, my two girls love playing in the mud. They make mud pies and sand cookies, they collect flowers and leaves, they chase butterflies and dig up worms, they splash in muddy puddles and find treasures hidden in the grass.

When my children play outside, making a mess, they rarely fight. They don’t complain of boredom and they don’t ask to watch television or play games on the tablet. Instead, they’re intent in their play, and happy.

Seeing my children’s curiosity, their creativity and their contentment is what inspired Little Mess Makers. I wanted to create space where children can explore, have fun and use their imaginations, without parents worrying about the mess and the cleaning.

A place where we can say to our children “Yes! Yes, you can”.




My children exploring