What happens at messy play? These are some of the most asked questions at Little Mess Makers, but we know they’re not the only questions! If there’s something else you’d like to know, or if you’d simply like more information we’re here to help. Get in touch with us at info@littlemessmakers.com.au.

What is messy play, and is it different to sensory play?

The terms messy play and sensory play are often used interchangeably. Sensory play encourages children to play using all of their senses, and messy play encourages children to enjoy tactile, unstructured and open-ended play, which again engages all their senses. There’s no end goal to achieve, and no right or wrong way to play, it’s up to the child and their imagination.

What happens at a Little Mess Makers session?

We make a gigantic mess!! Our play sessions are unstructured, and child led. This allows the children to choose what they play with, how they play and when they play. Children will often mix the materials, or move toys and equipment from one station to another. This is all part of the exploration and the fun! There’s no right or wrong way to play, and no end goal to achieve. Children can make their own choices and decisions, and play in a way that suits them and their needs.

What are the rules at Little Mess Makers?

Most importantly, have fun! But while you’re making a mess try not to hurt yourself, others or the space we’re in (keeping the paint, slime and goop in the play area is a great way to help!).

I have children of different ages, will they both enjoy messy play?

We’ve had children aged 12 months, and children aged 6 years come along to Little Mess Makers and have a blast! Because messy play is unstructured and child led, children can adapt and use the materials to reflect their level of development.

Younger children will often spend their time exploring the materials, for example listening to the material fall on to a tray, or feeling the paint between their fingers. While older children will tend to imaginative play or exploration, mixing and stirring up a potion, or building a city of sandcastles.

My child doesn’t like getting their hands dirty. Will they still enjoy messy play?

Children are often hesitant in new environments, and the vibrancy and activity of messy play can mean that watching is enough for their first visit. However, with a little time, patience and some encouragement most children will get involved and have fun.

For children who really don’t like the feel of sticky hands, our sessions normally include a combination of “wet” materials, like slime, and “dry” materials, like rice. This gives the children the choice of playing with sticky, oozy, gooey mess, or with mess that can be easily brushed or shaken off.

Do you have gift cards available?

Yes! If you’d like to gift one or more Little Mess Makers’ sessions for a birthday or Christmas, we can organise a voucher. Our vouchers are valid for three (3) years from the date of issue and are provided in a digital format. If you’re interested in organising a voucher, please email us at info@littlemessmakers.com.au.

Do I need to book a term to attend Little Mess Makers?

No! You’re welcome to come on a casual basis, and can reserve your spot from our bookings page.

Does Little Mess Makers offer a trial class?

Little Mess Makers does not offer trial classes, however we welcome casual bookings. We’d therefore suggest you book a single class, and try us out. If Little Mess Makers is for you, you can continue on a casual basis or, if you think you’ll come more frequently, purchase a class pass. You can purchase a class pass, or make a booking online from our bookings page.

My child puts everything in their mouth. Will Little Mess Makers be safe for them?

The materials used at Little Mess Makers are non-toxic and taste safe. However, we’d prefer that they’re not eaten and would appreciate you discouraging your child from doing so.

My child has an allergy. Can I bring them to Little Mess Makers?

Little Mess Makers does our best to keep materials egg, peanut and dairy free. However, materials are prepared in our home kitchen and as such traces of these allergens may be present.

If your child has another allergy, please get in touch with us to discuss, prior to booking a session.