Birthdays are easy-peasy messy fun with Little Mess Makers.

Our Birthday Party Packages

Little Mess Makers provides memorable and fun messy play parties for you, your child and their guests.

We’ll travel to you, set up the messy play activities, stay for the duration of the play and most importantly, clean up the mess!

We have two fun party packages for you to choose from, each with crazy, fun messy play activities to keep the birthday boy or girl, and their guests entertained.

Option 1: Explorers Party (ideal for children aged 12 months – 4 years)

$290 for up to 15 children, and $15 per head thereafter.

Choose your own adventure with an hour of unstructured, child led play.

Ideal for younger children, this option lets the children explore, experiment and play in their own way and their own time.

Little Mess Makers will provide colouring-in, stickers and homemade play dough, five messy play stations to suit your chosen theme, and a craft activity.

You’re welcome to select any of the following themes:

  • Magical Mayhem (complete with unicorns, fairies and monsters)
  • Dinosaur Jam (for our little palaeontologists)
  • Whizzing Wheels (for the car enthusiasts)
  • Paint! (extremely messy and loads of fun)

If you have another theme in mind, or a specific activity you’d like us to include, please get in touch to discuss customisation.

Option 2: Let’s Play Party (ideal for children aged 4 years – 6 years)

$290 for up to 15 children, and $15 per head thereafter.

Mix it up with a combination of unstructured play and fun filled games.

Perfect for older children who still love to get messy. This party starts with a half an hour of unstructured messy play (three activities provided), and then leads the children in two fun filled, messy party games (choose from several different options), and finally a craft activity.

What’s included
  • Digital birthday invitations
  • We arrive an hour before your guests to set up and prepare.
  • We bring floor coverings for the play space.
  • Little Mess Makers bring all materials, toys and equipment needed for a fun messy play session.
  • Little Mess Makers stay and provide encouragement and support, as well as assistance in directing the structured and unstructured activities.
  • Little Mess Makers clean up the mess, so that you can enjoy your little one’s special day.
Need more?

Little Mess Makers is happy to tinker with our party packages, so if you’d like a few more guests, or if your little one LOVES a specific messy play activity, drop us a note. We’re happy to chat about customisations to provide a memorable party experience.

What to expect

First things first, we’ll need a suitable venue. Little Mess Makers is happy to come to your home, or a venue you’ve hired. To set up the party we’ll need a little bit of space – an area that is 3 meters by 6 meters or larger is perfect – ready access to the play area and please no carpet (there’s some mess even we can’t clean!). The other “must have” is access to running water. This helps with cleaning up the mess, and also washing gooey hands.

If you’d like to hold the party at home, a garage, carport, covered patio or backyard is ideal. Community Halls, Scout Halls and Church Halls are also great.

On the day, Little Mess Makers will arrive an hour before the party begins, to set up and ensure everything is perfect.

Your guests will have an hour to explore the messy play, and Little Mess Makers will stay on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. When the play time ends, your guests will be invited to enjoy the party food and cake, while we clean up the messy play activities. The clean-up will take approximately an hour.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more, or to book your party please contact Justine on 0431 202 403 or by email at